A quick little
background info


The name COBA is a tribute to a man that lost his life. During a holiday in Mexico co-founder Kieran was involved in a resuscitation attempt on a man who had suffered a severe heart attack. Being a tourist destination several bystanders from all over the world jumped in to help, but with the closest defibrillator over 100km away he didn’t stand a chance. Although our business won’t help solve defibrillator problems, we hope that it can play a part in saving someone’s life. The small town where this occurred is called Coba.

Kieran Harris

Director/Co Founder

Filmmaker and animation guru. Before starting COBA Kieran worked for an agency in Brisbane producing live action & animation advertisements. He has adapted this unique skill for instructional design videos with a focus on student engagement.

Ben Harris

Director/Co Founder

Ex paramedic and quality assurance manager. Over the past 10 years Ben has worked as a paramedic in a number of major cities as well as in remote far north Queensland. He loves learning about modern medical practices and incorporating technology into his work.

Our ethos

Our mission is to provide a professional and high quality level of service and to fulfil the requirements of all our varied clients to their complete satisfaction.

In caring for people, we look after the heath and well being of those that work for us, with us and those we work for. We care about our client’s development both in and out of work.


We strive to achieve the highest possible standard of quality in all our videos and assessments.

Our strategic business plan is to grow naturally within the capacity of a well trained workforce and close relationships with our clients. We aim to be in business for the long term.