Creative Learning Resources for RTO’s

Coba makes RTO training simple, effortless and engaging by leveraging cutting-edge cloud technology and exciting video materials, fully compliant with RTO training regulations.


A wide range of RTO training packages.

We specialise in bringing learning resources to life with a selection of videos and assessments, fully mapped for audit guarantee. From First Aid and Low Voltage Rescue to the White Card and Carpentry, we offer a range of RTO training packages for an unmatched learning experience.

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Optional webcam capture for authenticity.


Electronic theory completion certificates.

Automated Notifications

Create custom email notifications for student completions.

LMS Options for simple, effortless RTO training.

At Coba, we leverage the power of Ammonites LMS, a world-class cloud-based platform that’s easy to use, fully mobile responsive and equipped with a webcam capture for authenticity to simplify learning.

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Video Licensing

Our unique licensing agreement means anybody can benefit from our extensive RTO training packages. With a quick setup, lower capital requirements, larger ROIs with low risk and commitment, you keep expenses under control and your compliance – in check.


Inscope Training

"Definitely the most engaging and thorough online learning package available for First Aid."

Real Response

"We're getting lots of really great feedback. The trainers have also noticed that students are coming in to the courses with far more knowledge than they used to."

The First Aid Group

Venture Education

Training Unlimited

TCP Training

Paradise First Aid

SASA Training

"I love it. I really do. My students love using it as well and I’m so so pleased I made the transition when I did."