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There’s a change taking place in today’s classrooms, one that expands the walls of our campuses and into the digital world. Notepads are being replaced with laptops and assessments can now take place anywhere, at anytime, on any device. E-Learning is all about using electronic technologies for educational curriculum outside the boundaries of traditional classroom and, of course, it is gaining popularity especially among the younger generation over the past decade. Here is a brief insight into the platform we use at COBA for our eLearning.


At COBA we chose the Ammonite LMS for three reasons:

  1. Question Banks & Randomisation
  2. Webcam Capture
  3. Easy Matrix Mapping & Improvement Reports
Question Banks & Randomisation

Challenging your learners has never been easier. You can now create question banks and randomise questions, meaning learners see a different version of the question each time they access the content. This prevents students from simply memorising the correct answers or applying a ‘cheat sheet’.

Webcam Capture

The ability to learn independently from others and most noteworthy the flexibility of e-learning has seen its popularity skyrocket since the early 2000’s. The only (and major) problem is verifying the identity of each student. COBA wanted a future-proof LMS and Ammonite had the answer. Webcam verification takes a random photo during every question of the assessment.

Easy Matrix Mapping & Improvement Reports

Matrix mapping automatically updates when adding or changing questions and is fully equiped to handle clustered units. The continual improvement report keeps accurate details on every video update and question change or update.

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