Updates & Innovations

COBA’s videos and questions are continually updated to meet all regulation changes.

What happens when there’s a change in regulation… don’t stress, all of our videos are made in-house so any updates can be rectified in the quickest possible time. These updates are available in an annual report to show your continual improvement.

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Through our Ammonite eLearning courses a photo is randomly taken during every question and stored on the cloud. This gives trainers the option to check for cheating and provides ample evidence during auditing.

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Why are our videos the best…

  1. Animation + Live Action + 3D graphics = visual stimulation
  2. Short and succinct for maximum engagement
  3. Created by filmmaking professionals
  4. Vetted by Australian paramedics and nurses
  5. Made in house so updates are a breeze
  6. Covers knowledge required for 001, 002, 003 & 004
  7. Easy to understand